Friday, September 25, 2015

SciCoh Week 2 - Raynham and Rockland

Marking the first real weekend of Fall - a football doubleheader - the 6th Graders get ready to take on the teeth of its schedule.  The White Team begins its 7 game journey in Raynham, while the Blue Team looks to continue its winning ways in Rockland on Sunday.  Two tough games for the boys this weekend. 

Raynham, MA.  10:30am.  The First White Game of the 2015 season.  After coming off of an undefeated season in 2014 - and winners of 11 games in row - the SciCoh White Team was looking to stay on a roll against a hungry Raynham Giants team.  Never having played them before at any level, the SciCoh coaches didn't know what to expect.

First Half.  The White Team came out fast as long runs from N. Brown helped gain 2 first downs.  While not scoring, the offense was hitting on all cylinders.  LG R. Switzer takes the Raynham RDT down field numerous times to help the power running game

L. Najjar ready to slay a Giant
"Taken to the Woodshed!" remarks Coach S after one particularly tough downfield block. 

Raynham's first drive didn't fare much better.  Tough tackling from F. Agostino, N. Tierney and L. Najjar highlighted a 4 and out for the White team defense.  And buoyed by the strong defense effort, the offensive proceeds to score two plays later.  N. Brown scampers around the right side for a 20 yard TD.  The two point conversion from P. Sullivan running through a giant hole off the Right Tackle is good.  SciCoh takes an 8-0 lead.  More of the same on Raynham's succeeding drive as H. Gates recovers a fumbled handoff to give SciCoh's offense the ball back in Raynham territory.  While the offense could not score, the half ends with SciCoh winning 8-0.

Second Half. Oh no!  Raynham's first play of the second half is a 50 yard touchdown up the gut from Raynham's Left Halfback.  The 2 point Conversion is good to tie the score 8-8.  But the boys are resilient.  An 11 play drive, highlighted by long runs from L. Najjar, N. Brown and H. Dionisio, as well as a 23 yard pass from C. Pitten to J. Lyons, puts the White team back in front, 14-8.

The lead would be short lived though, as even a shoestring tackle from C. Nicholls on a QB sneak can't stop the Giant barrage as they regain the lead 16-14.  Despite a last ditch effort on a long kickoff return, the White Team falls to the Giants 16-14.

Rockland, MA.  2:30pm.  Sunday.  In the second part of the weekend doubleheader, the Blue Team was looking to continue on its offensive roll against a very tough Rockland Bulldogs team.  As 4th Graders, the Blue team lost to the same Bulldogs team 20-0.  Zero losses later, the Bulldogs were looking to continue on their winning streak. Old school football would be the order of the day, replete with a game played on a baseball diamond.  Takes me back to 2nd, 3rd and 4th Grade football practice, I suppose.

First Quarter.  In this epic struggle, Rockland came out firing.  Despite holding the Rockland offense in its first drive after a fumble on the opening kickoff, two 3 and out drives marked the majority of our First Quarter.  Rockland took a bad snap on a Blue Team punt all the way in for a touchdown to take the 6-0 lead.  SciCoh showed some signs of life toward the end of the Quarter, however, with a generous Pass Interference call and pass from J. Kinsley to S. Morley led to a couple of first downs.

J. Fox with the Painful First Down
Second Quarter.  The Blue Team continued to march down the field and knotted the game up 6-6 on a 7 yard floater from J. Kinsley to G. Harris.  The kids' confidence seemed to grow with every strike as Rockland's defense was put back on its heels.  Looking to strike right back, Rockland's QB drops back, starts to scramble and tries to hit his FB out of the backfield, but...INTERCEPTION!  K. Sullivan steps in front of the pass and takes the interception to the house with a 44 yard Pick 6.  The sideline starts jumping around as the Blue Team takes the lead 12-6.  Rockland's 12 play drive toward the end of the Quarter to tie the score 12-12 doesn't detract from the team's stellar performance in the First Half. 

Third Quarter.  The Bulldogs can't take the Second Half kickoff for a touchdown as their fullback fumbles on the SciCoh 9 yard line.  FUMBLE recovered by K. Sullivan.  The Blue Team, energized by the defensive stop, continues with the offensive firepower as long passes to S. Morley and G. Harris help the Blue Team gain large chunks of yardage into Bulldog territory.  One of the longest drives in Blue Team history is capped by a 5 yard TD pass from J. Kinsley to S. Morley.  18-12 Blue team takes the lead. The lead disappears quickly, however, as Rockland takes the ensuing kickoff down the right side to the SciCoh 5 yard line.  3 plays later, Rockland ties the score at 18-18.

Fourth Quarter.  Back and forth drives mark the majority of the Fourth Quarter.  After the Blue team turns the ball over with a minute left on a questionable non-interference call, the Bulldogs march down the field with two long pass plays of its own.  With no time left on the clock, the Bulldogs convert the 3rd down play from the 1 yard line.  Bulldogs, unfortunately, win 24-18.

Despite coming out on the short end this game, the result was a lot different than two years ago. An exciting back and forth game was all that we could have asked for in this non-division matchup.

Next week's games:

Saturday.  White Team at East Bridgewater
Sunday.  Blue Team vs Hanover    

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