Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Night 19-0 Ended - I Hate Joe Buck Edition

It was a sleepy, rainy Veterans' Day in the JMR household.  DLG was with friends of her's while the boys were busying themselves with video games.  Having decided to take the day off and after cancelling football practice for the 6th Graders, I was now the one looking for something to do.  What better way to waste an afternoon on the couch than to watch some reruns on TV?  And oh what a rerun I found.

Super Bowl XLII was the culmination of what was supposed to be an historic season for the New England Patriots.  On a run unlike ever seen, the Patriots blew through the regular season at 16-0, the first team to ever accomplish that feat (no matter what Mercury Morris might try to tell you).  They faltered a little int eh playoffs as they secured unconvincing wins against the Jaguars in the Divisional Round then the Chargers in the AFC Championship Game.  This would set the scene for the rematch with the New York Giants who took the patriots tot he wire in Week 17 just a few weeks earlier.

We pick up the action in the Fourth Quarter with 8:30 remaining and the Giants leading 10-7, for no other reason than that is when I turned it on...

On a 2nd and 9, Manning escapes the sack (a recurring theme sadly).  The cornerback covering Plaxico Burress must have misjudged the LOS because he went after the QB instead of staying with the Receiver.  Fortunately, Manning missed a wide open Burress.  This led to a punt to give New England the ball back on their own 20 yard line.

Nice story about John Johnson.  Trainer for the Giants since 1948.

Catches by Wes Welker and Randy Moss gives the Patriots the First Down.  The graphic shows that the Patriots had only scored on 1 of its 7 drives.  The Giants' pass rush was "relentless."  Welker ties the record for most receptions in a Super Bowl with 11.  Funny not to see Gronk out there.

On this drive, now at the 10 yard line just demonstrates that the Giants are a bunch of pansies - 3 guys come off with injuries.  On third and goal, Moss catches a quick slant to for the TOUCHDOWN!  Fortunately, the Giants CB slipped as he was running backwards leaving Moss by himself in the End Zone.

Giants start on their own 16 yard line with 2:42 on the clock.  After an incompletion to Burress, Joe Buck ominously starts talking about Burress only having one catch on a couple of targets; that he was note really a part of the game.  I hate Joe Buck.  Giants convert on a 4th and 1 on a very favorable spot on a Brandon Jacobs Left Dive.

That was not a fumble.  Manning's knee was down.  I didn't think so when I watched this game live.

Assante Samuel needs to make that catch.  The target of that wayward pass?  David Tyree.  Even more ominous.

In the Grasp!  In the Grasp!  In the Grasp?!?  Followed shortly by That ball hit the Ground!  That ball hit the Ground!  The ball hit the Ground!  What's funny is that Buck and Aikman did not make a big deal about that catch.  Hum drum for these guys.  Harrison should have had the interception there.  Hey Tyree, I'd like fries and Vanilla Frosty too.

I forgot that Manning was subsequently sacked by Adalius Thomas.  This is a joke.  And another missed interception from Brandon Merriweather this time.  On a third and long, Steve Smith gets just enough for the first down.  I know where this is going.

"Manning lobs it, Burress, alone, Touchdown New York." squeals Joe Buck. Man I hate Joe Buck.

I would love to know why Randy Moss walked out of that huddle while being yelled at by Brady.  Incompletion, Sack, Incompletion, Incompletion.  Giants win 17-14.  1 second left, I mean.  I shut the TV off as Burress starts to cry and Joe Buck goes on to call it the biggest upset in Super Bowl history.  Don't like either of those guys.

In retrospect, going 19-0 is tough.  Every team is coming after you.  Every team gauges their season on how they did against you.  You have a bullseye on your back.  Forget about the pressure of an historic season.

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