Wednesday, September 16, 2015

SciCoh Week 1 - Duxbury Dragons

SciCoh Game Day!

The rain has more or less held off.  While the drizzle was present through our first baseball game in Hull, looking up toward the sky, it seemed that the clouds would break enough to get a football game in under dry field conditions.  Today was Week One for the 6th Grade SciCoh Sharks.  As with every season, Week One featured just the Blue Team in action. Coming off a 5-4 season as 5th Graders, the Sharks were looking to graduate into the top of the Division 1 standings.

Scituate. 2:30pm. Phew.  The rain is continuing to hold off.  Nothing worse than playing in the rain.  Coaches don't mind it, I'm talking about the kids, here.  It's curious that it only rained when we were on the road playing on a "grass" field, so I was confident that it would hold off.  After warm-ups, play walk through and hitting drills -  and watching the 8th Graders play for what seemed like two hours - the team runs out onto the field to the cheering home crowd.  Great to be back.

Pleasantries aside, Duxbury gets the ball first after winning the toss and electing to receive.  Often lining up in a twins set, they would be able to take advantage of our aggressive defense - that was still getting the butterflies out - by throwing to their strong side tight end in the flat after our corner and safety were run off the ball by the twins.  I think I have identified one thing our defensive coaches are going to work on in next week's practice.  In any event, Duxbury fails to score on its first possession.  Taking the ball over at our own 40 for our first offensive series, we manage to gain 40 yards in offense to get into the Duxbury red zone. Unfortunately, the drive stalls inside Duxbury's 10 yard line and we turn the ball over on downs.  0-0 at the first commercial break.

We weren't so lucky on Duxbury's second drive, however.  Taking a hand off from the Power I formation, Duxbury back X proceeds to gain 55 yards in 2 plays (including a 3 yard touchdown run) to take the lead, 6-0. Not to be outdone, the Sharks strike right back.  Powered by strong running from J. Fox, and a strong push by the O-Line, the Sharks knot the game up at 6 on a 22 yard scamper by A. Bossey as he bounces out to the right sideline, while avoiding a couple of defenders diving to push him out of bounds.  The two point conversion failed spectacularly as Duxbury takes the conversion attempt the other way for an 8-6 lead.

The Sharks control the second quarter, though.  K. Sullivan comes on as QB to give J. Kinsley a breather and proceeds to march the team down field in 5 plays.  A. Bossey is sprung on a great block from S. Morley and runs for a 44 yard Touchdown down the left side.  J. Cannon converts for 2 more points and the good guys take the lead 14-8.  The defense shuts down Duxbury for the remainder of the half.  The sterling effort is highlighted by a B. Dalicandro interception with 0.1 seconds on the clock.  Oh wait what's that?  The refs say never mind what the clock reads, it's really "End of the First Half."  I had a 0.1 seconds left on the clock play left to run!

The second half starts strong for us as we score on a 38 yard pass from J. Kinsley to K. Sullivan.  K. Sullivan also scores on the 2 point conversion attempt, as I forget about the fact that he just sprinted 60 yards on the previous play.  Oops. 

The defense continues its strong showing as Duxbury can't get anything going on offense.  The end of the Third Quarter features another strike from J. Kinsley to K. Sullivan to make the score 30-8. 

The Fourth Quarter features the regular season debut of R. Stanton at QB.  Deftly handling the signal caller duties for the final 10 minutes, the Sharks hold on for a 30-8 win.

Saturday's game is at Raynham, Sunday's game is at Rockland.  This will prove to be two very tough matchups for us.  Raynham is a team that we have never faced before, and Rockland is a team that defeated us two years ago, 20-0.

Leading Tacklers

Dalicandro (6), Schwartz (5), Bossey (5), Thompson (4)

Leading Rushers

Bossey (74), Sullivan (68), Kinsley (38), Fox (33)

Leading Receivers

Sullivan (49), Harris (17), Bossey (5)

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