Saturday, March 3, 2012

Jason Varitek is Gone, so Who's Captain Now?

Jason Varitek became the second high profile Red Sox player to retire in the last couple of weeks - joining aged knuckleballer Tim Wakefield on the sidelines.  Varitek's retirement earlier this week left a gaping hole at the Captain's position.  In fact, Varitek held the position for so long that even my seven year old was flummoxed by the question of who the new captain was going to be.  Because of the folly that is known as beer and chicken gate, the Sox don't have a lot of candidates for the position that the general fan base would agree with.

In any event, here are the candidates for the position:

Kevin Youkilis.  Universally hated inside and outside of the clubhouse, it seems like a long shot that Youkilis would actually be named captain of the Red Sox.  A captain would really need to be a leader who other teammates respected and followed.  That is the exact opposite of how Youkilis commands the clubhouse. While intense enough to be the captain, I think there would be a mutiny if he actually had that title given to him.

David Ortiz.  He would be one of our first choices, as his personality and charisma is a great match for the position.  Ultimately, Ortiz is only signed for one year.  In this post steroid era, Ortiz may only have one or two more years left - whether it be with the Red Sox or some other team.  I don't think Ortiz will be around much longer.  In fact, if the season starts to go south, Ortiz might be on the trading block come July 2012.

Adrian Gonzalez.  While the slugger will be with the Red Sox for the next seven years, Gonzalez moans and groans about "all of those night games" last year very likely put a bad taste in Henry's Werner's and Lucchino's mouth. Would Gonzalez receive the okay from management?

Josh Beckett.  Just Kidding.

Dustin Pedroia.  Another great candidate.  While perhaps only under the Red Sox control for another couple of years, the Red Sox almost certainly have to resign Pedroia to another long term contract.  His hustle and grit, coupled with his natural baseball talent, is another natural fit for the position of Captain.

What do you think?

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