Sunday, March 11, 2012

Are the Lakers-Celtics Relevant Anymore - in Quotes?

I was just as surprised as you were to see that the boys wanted to take time out of their busy social engagements to watch the Celtics and Lakers battle out this afternoon.  The Lakers are 8 games over .500 and the Celtics are just a mere 21-18 and we are still in the middle of the season.  In other words, there isn't anything on the line here.  These teams figure to be in the bottom halves of the playoffs this year.  It's a lot different than back in 1984.  That's for sure.  But is this rivalry still relevant?  Doesn't it seem like several years ago when the Celtics and Lakers played that infamous Game 7?

But they sat down to watch anyway.  If I asked them what these team's records are, they would probably say something like 31-11 and 35-9.  This is still an important game for THEM.   Not wanting to interfere with their good time, I left the room and recorded it for later.  I decided instead to sit down in my office and listen to their reactions to the game. 

G:  "Oh my God, they're losing 2-0."

G:  "Oh my God they're losing 7-0!"  With even more urgency in his voice.

C:  "Oh my God, stole it from Rondo!  He pushed him down!"

C:  "Dad, does Ron Artest have a nickname called World Peace?" And after I answered him, he had a very confused look on his face and declared "That's horrible!  I would never change my name to Metta World Peace."  I hope not, son...I hope not.

G:  "Look at that dumb face guard on Kobe's face.  He looks like a monster."

C:  "I can't believe he changed his name to Metta World Peace.  That is so stupid!"  I grew up with a guy named World B. Free so there is precedence for this tomfoolery, I suppose.

C:  "See, I told you he was awesome at blocking!"  Is he talking about Pau Gasol or Andrew Bynum?  No - Greg Stiemsma.

G:  "Oh, Paul Pierce is so bad.  Why can't he make a shot!  Dad, why can't Paul Pierce make a shot"  When I don't hear him immediately, I hear the word "Dad" three more times.

C:  "Andrew Bynum is my favorite player."  No, he's not.

C:  "The Lakers aren't very nice..."  I believe that Kobe and Bynum have both been hit with Technical Fouls.  I peek over to see Kobe ripping his mask off like it's a big reveal.  Perhaps that he's an Asshole?

G:  "Is Tom Brady on the Lakers, now?"  I have no idea what that means.

G:  "Rajon Rondo is awesome!!!"  I believe that he swishes a three as time in the half expires with the Lakers leading 44-42.  After halftime, I hear "I want to see Rondo's half court shot."  Was it a half court shot?

G:  "50-47, Dad.  They are like falling apart...Yes!"

C:  "Fight, fight, fight, fight!"  Even I get up to see what's going on.  Guess who.  One guess, only.

G:  "Dad why did he change his name?"  Wait, didn't I already answer this question?  Oh no that was the other boy.

G:  "Shoot it.  Shoot it.  No don't shoot it!  Oh come on!" 

C:  "Don't go innnnnnnn...yes!"  Metta World Peace misses a three pointer as time expires in the Third Quarter.

C:  "Oh chicken nuggets?  Come on, I want something else for dinner!"  Oh wait, that has nothing to do with the game.  Never mind.

C:  Skipping ahead... They had the lead by 12 points and then they lost.'  Just like 2010.  Unfortunately.

C:  "Well, Paul Pierce had a chance and missed it, then KG and he missed it too but they go the offensive rebound and Ray Allen missed the last shot (after the fact, it seemed like Ray Allen's shot was the most likely to go in.

Oh well, the Celtics lost, but the boys had a great time watching the game..  Maybe it's not so irrelevant after all.  (Except to the girls, right?)

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