Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Red Sox and Birthdays Strike Again

It took me a little while to figure this one out.  See, the boys birthdays are next to one another and they always asked me to take them to a Red Sox game.  In trying to find tickets, I finally decided on the Rockies-Red Sox tilt on a random Wednesday afternoon.  I thought that that would be a good option; they wouldn't be home too late on a school night.  And besides, I like watching the Sox take on a National League team - even if this Rockies team won't make you think back to the 2007 World Series.  It seemed like a win-win situation, in any event.  Well for everyone but the Red Sox as John Lackey was going, still trying to find his groove after spending last season on the shelf with a Tommy John.

I get to the park first.  I find a $50 parking spot (being careful to avoid the street since I hadn't had any time to get my car inspected, I didn't want to risk a $50 ticket plus street parking).  I went to the Boston Beer Works and ate lunch.  I people watched (and watched the thunderstorms) for a while until C and G (plus one of the C's friends) came to the restaurant to get me.

Oswalt preparing for the onslaught
Because of the afternoon rain, neither team took batting practice, which took away one of the features of arriving early.  So we went to our seats in "foul ball alley" and watched the teams warm up.  A couple of random Rockies' players were signing programs and balls, so C and his buddy went down there to get autographs.  When they got back, I studied the signature to see if I could figure out who it was.  "No idea" was my final answer.  In the meantime, the teams retreat back into the dugouts to prepare for the beginning of the game.

As John Lackey takes the field, C wonders if he is actually going to pitch well.  He hasn't pitched badly this year, despite having just a 4-5 record heading into the game.  And as he pitches in the First inning, it looks like his fastball is popping.  He strikes out Todd Helton and Michael Cuddyer in an impressive first inning.  Although he gives up a run on a single, stolen base and single, his fastball is clocked at 94 and 95 MPH.  It seemed like he was going to have another impressive outing.  And although the Red Sox were down early, they got that run back and then some.  After Jacoby Ellsbury and David Ortiz doubled, the Red Sox took the lead in the first inning, 3-1.

Lackey continued to pop his fastball as he mows down the Rockies through 5 innings, including two innings where he strikes out the side.  The Red Sox, meanwhile take a 5-1 lead in the 3rd inning as Mike Napoli and Daniel Nava both drive in a run.  And the boys would be remiss without telling me that no foul balls have come our way.  Not even close.

The Red Sox end up holding onto the lead (despite two home runs from Michael Cuddyer) and winning the game 5-3.  Lackey ends up striking out 12 on his way to his fifth win of the season.  It seems that he is readying himself for a big year, after three disappointing years to start his Boston years.  The boys statistics include two hot dogs, two large fries, two drinks and about 5000 sun flower seeds.  And good times were had all around. Maybe next time all three will come with me to a Red Sox game.  I already have her collecting baseball cards.

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