Sunday, July 28, 2013

An Evening in the Amazon with Brian Regan

If I have to watch Brian Regan's Stupid in School or Little League one more time, I might throw G's iTouch out of the window (a really high window).  Not that it wasn't funny, but that it was on so many times that when the boys would start imitating the jokes, I knew the words too.  Come on.

But then, the South Shore Music Circus' line up came out for the Summer.  Sure enough, Regan was playing under the tent.  Who cares if it gets buggy and oppressively hot under the tent in the Summer?  We can watch Stupid in School live and the boys would go nuts.  And there's beer.  All is good.

Blurry because C is tapping my shoulder
So C and G escorted me to the show.  As expected, it was hot and steamy under the tent.  We had been in the middle of an oppressive heat wave, so when I say hot, I mean it.  Luckily for me, a fellow patron, obviously hot himself, apparently tried to cool me off when he elbowed my arm spilling three quarters of my beer on my shirt.  I thanked him profusely and went under the tent.  The venue was made especially amazonian by the 800 people under the tent with us.  Even this 10 dollar beer wasn't helping me keep cool on this night.  But the boys were excited. 

The show started with a warm up comedy act.  Some guy I had never heard of.  But he was very funny.  C would whisper to me that he didn't get any of the jokes.  I did not sympathise with him.  I just continued to laugh.  The warm up act finished his gig and then told us there would be 30 minute intermission.  Really 30 minutes.  The stage was bare, what did Regan need that much time for? Oh I get it, more time for us to get that cold beer.  Except now it was raining and I could see lightning in the distance.  I'm staying under this metal-infested tent!

So we waited.

And we waited some more.

C and G at this point were both looking at the digital clock facing our seats.  Counting the 30 minutes down.  33 minutes later, the opening guy comes back out to introduce Regan.  I'm fanning myself off with the program so I don't bother checking to see what this guys name is again.

Regan comes out in jeans and flannel shirt to huge applause.  I immediate start laughing at this ridiculous over dressing.  This is going to be good.  His first jokes start about his family.  While his act is clean and TV ready, I'm afraid that these jokes are going to go over the kids heads.  When C whispers to me again that he doesn't get any jokes, my fear is realized.  Now after every joke, I start glancing over at the boys to see if they are laughing.  They are not.

When his act finally ends, he doesn't do any of his "famous bits."  Although the fig newton bit was hilarious.  He does come out for an encore and takes audience suggestions.  The audience comes through with some lame bits.  Regan doesn't even recognize one of the bits that some college-aged kid screams out.  Nice job, sonny.

When we get to the car, C and G both thank me for taking them.  G then musters up the courage to say that he didn't get any of the jokes.  But he then says thank you again.  I apologize to him (as if it was my fault he talked about his job and wife the whole time).  At least we were all together.

And I haven't had to see those youtube videos since.  So at least I have that going for me.

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