Tuesday, October 26, 2010

LeBron James and Dwyane Wade Aren't Villians in this House

In perhaps the most anticipated regular season game in NBA history, The Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics are tipping off tonight in the Opening Game of the 2010-11 NBA Season.  A lot of people are rooting against the Heat tonight.  Mostly because of the new Big Three.  But are Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and Chris Bosh really villians?  They are a couple of young kids who wanted to play together and win a championship.  I think if I had the same choice, I would want to play with my friends in the hope of winning a championship too.

Tonight, we are going to see what everyone has to say about the Big Three except for me.  I think you already know how I feel about this.  The score doesn't really matter tonight.

Craig Sager: "This is the most anticipated game in NBA history...they had to cut off the press passes at 500 which is twice as many as usual for opening night games."

Marv Albert:  "This is the hottest regular season opening night ticket in Celtics' history."

G: "Who's playing again?"  Are you kidding me?  Although now he's asking who everyone is.  Apparantly, everyone is Paul Pierce to him.

C:  After a wayward pass by KG nine minutes into the game: "He is the worst player ever!"

G:  "How big is Chris Bosh?  Is he bigger than you Dad?"  Yes.  He is much bigger than me.

Mike Fratello:  "Pat Riley said this was a work in progress.  You can't bring in this many new faces and expect them to be as good as three or four months down the road."  Unless they include three possible MVPs

Jermaine O'Neal is following up on his putrid NBA playoffs with a brick from 15 feet.  Sorry, I said I would talk.

G:  "Big Baby has a mohawk.  Can I get a mohawk?"  I then tell him not until the summer, hoping that he doesn't remember that I did not say no.

Steve Kerr:  "Both of these teams are going to be outstanding by the time you get the midseason it will be tough to get a shot off them!"  Miller exudes this as the First Quarter ends 16-9

Craig Sager:  "How is the experiment going?"  Sager asks Eric Spoelstra this as his team scores 9 points in the First Quarter.

C:  "They've only gotten 13 points in 17 minutes?  I thought they were going to be good."

G:  "LeBron James commercial is pretty cool, Dad."  Should I accept my role as a villian...should I just disappear?

Marv Albert:  "There should be a rule that head coaches should not be able to stand.  You block the views of announcers."

Stated the dimunitive Fratello:  "That usually wasn't a problem when I was coaching."

G:  "Oh the mini guy just got a slam dunk.  The mini guy is good!  Oh look Kevin Garnett got the steal and then he passed it to the mini guy and the mini guy just scored."

Marv Albert:  "Miami's big three - James 2 of 7, Wade is 2 of 9, Bosh 1 of 7."

G:  "What happened to Bosh's hair?  He used to have hair down to here [pointing to his shoulders], now he has it to here [pointing to his forehead]."

G:  About Shaq... "He looks old!"

Steve Kerr:  "The one thing the Celtics hasn't done well tonight is take care of the basketball."

Craig Sager:  "That half was atrocious.  With this kind of talent this offense is unheard of."  Perhaps LeBron indeed left his talents on South Beach.

C:  "Rondo looks young compared to everyone else on the team out there."

Steve Kerr:  After a questionable blocking call..."You almost give him the call because of his reputation."  Wouldn't that mean that James doesn't get the call?

C:  "Don't be a ball hog!"  Who do you think he's talking about in this game?

G:  About Lebron James "What's on his tooth?  Meatballs?

JMR, G and C:  After watching the baby in traffic commercial "[Giggles]"

Marv Albert as Pierce comes back into the game: "Pierce always has a flair for the dramatic."  And we're reminded when Pierce came back into a playoff game after leaving the game in a wheelchair.  Garbled stories there, I think.

Steve Kerr about Pierce after hitting a three pointer "He just mouthed the words get me open."  Here we go, it's time for the truth!

G:  "Why am I so excited?"  Is it because its a close game and you're staying up late? "Oh yeah because it's almost time for my halloween party!!"  We were close.

The Crowd:  "Overrated!  Overrated!  Overrated!"

Oh yeah, the Celtics win.

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