Sunday, October 4, 2009

Who Can Beat Jmann Review? NFL Game Blog #2

After a sterling 8-8 showing in Week 2, Jmann Review, C and G are back for more in Week 4.  The games appear a little easier to pick as several teams just plain stink.  2 or 3 game teases should be your preferred choice of the day against these teams.  C and G get their football jerseys on, and, after telling them that this time they are playing for real money, they watch the NFL Network's pregame show with me to prime their picks.  More importantly, Jmann Review continues its long journey to a .500 record.

New England (-1.5)

C:  New England.  "They're the best team."
G:  New England.  "They're the best team."
C:  "You are such a copycat!"  "I hate you, you are such a butthead!"
Jmann Review:  I like New England at home.  Baltimore has never won in Foxboro and in fact has been blown out twice by a combined score of 44-6.  Now we're going to take a little break so that my assistants may experience a little "attitude adjustment."

All right, that "attitude adjustment" actually resulted in bedtime.  Now we're we're sitting here on Sunday morning.  I've switched up the order so I don't have to hear the words "Copycat" or "Butthead."

Green Bay
Minnesota (-4)

G:  Minnesota.  "Because there is a king in the world and he'll play for the Vikings!  Will the King play for the Vikings?"
C:  Minnesota.  "Vikings kill people.  I've seen them do that on Spongebob."  I guess that's another show I have to block on cable.  I lose another babysitter, too.
Jmann Review:  Minnesota.  I don't think the players care about Brett Favre nearly as much as the fans do.  Minnesota will win in a walkover.  But Favre will throw three interceptions in the process.

Denver (+3)

G:  Dallas.  "Because I picked them last time."  Good memory; I hope he remembers that he has to clean his room and make his bed after we're done.
C:  Denver.  "I think the Broncos is a cool name"  I ask him if he knows what a "bronco" is.  "Yeah, a guy who plays football on Sunday"  Okay, I can't argue with that.
Jmann Review:  Denver.  Dallas and Tashard (third) Choice are going to have a tough time against the Kyle Orton-led offense.  Imagine that, Josh McDaniel.

NY Jets
New Orleans (-7.5)

G:  New Orleans.  "I'm never going to pick a team from New York to win.  Yankees?  No. NO!"  OK, settle down big guy
C:  New York Jets.  "Jets go really fast."
Jmann Review:  Jets.  As much as it pains me to say it, the Jets have a very good team.  I think the turf is great place for their fast defense to dominate. 

Chicago (-10)

G:  Chicago.  "They sound like a good team."  When I ask him what that means, he stares at me.  "Can I play the Wii now if I tell you why they sound like a good team?"  I tell him no, but that he can go outside.  Guess where he is right now?
C:  Chicago.  "Bears are a lot more restless than Lions are."  Before I can ask him what the hell that means, he follows G outside.
Jmann Review: Chicago. The Bears have faced a couple of stiff defenses.  I think now that they play a couple of cupcakes, Jay Cutler will start getting going.

Write the rest of this down, Cincinnati (-7), Oakland (+9), Indianapolis (-10), New York Giants (-9), Jacksonville (+3), Tampa Bay (+7.5), Miami (Pick 'em), San Francisco (-10), San Diego (+7).  In fact, if I were betting man, I would do a three team tease taking a combination of Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Chicago, New York Giants, San Francisco and San Diego. 

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