Saturday, October 1, 2016

Ode to Cooperstown Dream Park - Part 2

It took over two years, but we're finally at Part 2 of the 2 Part Series of Cooperstown Dreams Park.  As you may remember, Part of the Cooperstown dream had C going with his 12 year old team to play in the National Tournament.  His team did really well, going 4-4 in the 5 day tournament, one of the best showings by a Scituate team ever.

But this team was shaping up to be even better.  G's team was coming off of a great win in Sandwich (more to come on that) and was riding a 7 game winning streak.  The team was led by some great hitting and pitching, including G's tournament clinching home run and 1 run effort in the Sandwich championship.

As with C, two years ago, G did not want to go for the 4.5 hour ride to Cooperstown with us, choosing to go with a buddy of his.   That's OK, more quality time with C and DLG for Mom and I.  Oh what will we talk about that they will cringe over?

Day 1.  After we got settled in the Motel, we made our way to the Ball field.  It was Skills Competition day. "Sadly" we missed this two years ago.  As with all preceding years, the skills included fastest runner (Roadrunner), home run derby (King of Swat), around the horn (Plus) and outfield accuracy (Golden Arm).  Uh, we didn't win anything, so I'll just move on.

Day 2. Sunday afternoon was our first game.  Ugh.  This one reminded me of the 32-0 beat down that c suffered in his regular season game.  This one was 24-3.  and when we put a weak pitcher in there to eat up innings, I was thinking the score was actually 42-3.  Nope, just 24.  The second game that night went better.  We had our best pitcher going against a team from Edina, Minnesota.  And with one of G's buddies going long with a game winning home run, we were again encouraged. 

Day 3.  But the good times didn't last after another beat down, slaughter rule game against Lincoln-Way Vipers, a team from Illinois.  Not a great start, going 1-2 in the first 3 games.  But then the turnaround happened.  Against a team from Ohio, the team was clicking on all cylinders as it won its second game 4-2.  Now we had our last two pool games against two of the weaker teams in our part of the group.

Day 4.  G's start.  It would be against the Atlantic Coast Black Sox, from Virginia.  He ended up pitching a complete game while getting two hits.  Although he gave up 10 runs in the 20-10 win, he did strike out 10 in his 6 innings and only gave up 3 earned runs.  What a great showing!  Now we're rolling.  3-2 with the weakest team up next.  Although we had our 4th starter going against them, I was confident that we would beat them.  The team from New Hampshire did put up a fight only losing to Gray's team by the score of 17-14.  Not bad, ending up 4-2.

Day 5.  Playoff day.  With a 4-2 record, G's team got the 42 seed and 3 byes.  It seemed like an eternity for his team to play late in the afternoon.  G played a team from California in the first round of the playoffs.  G pitched in his second game and got the win on a walk off.  battling a bad groin (ouch), G limped around the bases struggling to move.  But his curveball was working hard and led the team to the next round against a town team from Farmington, Connecticut.  That game did not go as well as G's team was finally knocked out in the fifth round 13-2. 

But g was finally ours again as he joined us for some food and slept in our motel room for the first time in days.  Asked how he liked it, and he told us that the food was just OK.  But in the same breath started regretting that he had to leave.  We were on the ride home and he was already saying that he missed it.

"Can we play catch when we get home?"

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