Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Omaha Adventure - Day 3 Welcome to Council Bluffs

After a relaxing night in South Bend, allowing us to charge our phones and get some sleep, we made our way to the last leg of the journey to Omaha.  I didn't have the heart to tell them that it was not really Omaha, but actually Council Bluffs, Iowa.  A sister city like St. Paul is to Minneapolis, Council Bluffs was our actual destination.  The boys would admit that stopping 20 minutes sooner was desirable, even though things were different when instagramming that they made it.

We get to our destination after hours and hours of corn fields (and Des Moines!).  We made our way to the obligatory fast food stop for lunch and went to the fields to see where they would be playing the next day.

"OK look, Dad, more corn fields!" G exclaimed as we drove the last mile to the fields.  Whatever, at least they have a three day break from driving.  Then we made our way to the hotel and their jokes immediately stopped.  Maybe it was the neo Nazi-looking bikers smoking outside, or the crazy looking lady hiding her smoking at the front desk, but the boys were PETRIFIED.  I laughed it off, but thought to myself - was the 100 dollars savings really that important looking at the other "guests?"

"Ah, Dad, when are we going to Omaha?" C asked me as he looked sideways at the obese people eating lunch at the common area that looked like Hee Haw's kitchen.

I had mentioned to them that we got tickets to Game 1 of the College World Series; a tilt between the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers (Huh?) and the Arizona Wildcats.  We're getting the tickets now, I told them. 

"Just a few hours away." I kidded. They were not amused.

So we get int eh car and make the 15 minute drive to downtown Omaha.  I was struck by the fact that while it was late afternoon, no one seemed to be walking around the office buildings.  Does anyone work or does the City take the week off.  Maybe they were at the Olympic swimming trials next door at the Century Link Center.

The lack of crowds made our walk from our dinner place (a surprisingly good Upstream Brewing Company) to the TD Ameritrade Center where the game was taking place that much easier.  Except for a couple of panhandlers, the only people we saw were the fans going to the game. And, although G was pissed that we were walking so far, it was a good idea since it allowed us to spend time together...just kidding I wanted to get some walking in since I was in a car for the last 72 hours.

The College World Series was going to be an interesting matchup.  Perennial Powerhouse, Arizona was looking for another championship, while Coastal Carolina was looking for its first NCAA championship in any sport in its history.  Coastal Carolina led the World Series in home runs and runs scored, but was facing one of Arizona's best pitchers, JC Cloney. A big lefty with an ERA under 3.00, Cloney was poised to give Arizona a Game 1 victory.  When I was watching him warm up, I thought he could easily be drafted in the upper rounds next year.

But before we could sit down and enjoy ourselves, we had to entertain C in his search for his teammates.  We looked high and low for his teammates, when he finally settled for hanging out with a couple of his teammates and friends.  After landing C about 4 rows in front of us, G and I sat and watched the game.  Sadly, G did not have any friends in Omaha.

Anyway, Cloney did not disappoint as he pitched a 4 hit shut out to lead the Wildcats to a 3-0 win. I wonder if C can be as successful in Game one of his tournament...we'll see!

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