Sunday, January 31, 2016

2016 Pro Bowl Answers All of the Questions

What a waste of time the NFL Pro Bowl is.  Understanding that the players don't want to risk a career threatening injury, the game is an emasculated version of tackle football.  On defense, you have to have four down linemen and 3 Linebackers.  You can't blitz or play nickel or dime coverages in a cover 2 or 3.  It is basically youth football. On offense, you have to have a running back and 2 wide receivers.  What better way to celebrate than a half hearted live blog? It is childs' play.  As it goes in 2016.

The Pro Bowl is making it more of a spectacle though by requiring that the players are drafted by Jerry Rice or Michael Irving.  A cheater and a drug addict are showcased as honorary captains.  And so it goes in 2016.

I asked G why he likes watching it and his offer was elusive.  "Why don't you like it Dad?  Its the best players playing against the best players!"  I get it.  Russell Wilson throwing it to DeAndre Hopkins is exciting yes.  But any pro Bowl with Eli Manning is not a pro bowl of the best players playing against the best players.  I see Eli get sacked with a quick whistle and I can't help but think that this is a sham.  Eli's career that is.  And so it goes in 2016.

And why are they punting in this game?  And why are they spending time talking about how the punter can punt it several different ways.

Wait, why are they treating the end of the First Quarter like the end of the half?  Even G thinks this is weird. Meanwhile, Jon Gruden and Mike Tirico are trying to talk to Michael Irving and we hear that his ear piece was taken off.  This is presumably because he is too fired up after they take a 14-7 lead, then a 21-7 lead.  He's going nuts.  And so it goes in 2016.

David Carr with a great throw to TY Hilton for the 50 yard touchdown catch.  That was then negated by instant replay.  Dean Blandino makes the call.  No Patriots involved.  This is surprising since I also hear the plays coming in on offense.  The Patriots must be involved with that.  And AJ Green with a great catch on a throw that was up for grabs.  Things are happening so fast.

And with that, G calls it quits.  I am not going to keep writing if he's gone.

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