Thursday, February 28, 2013

Why is Golden State a Hot Ticket in Boston?

I was fiddling around on StubHub earlier tonight looking at tickets for tomorrow night's game between Golden State and the Celtics.  I figured that maybe I could get a couple of inexpensive tickets in the Loge section and take the boys.  Before I could even close the laptop so the boys would not see what I was doing, I say that there were 300 tickets left and they started at 75 bucks.

75 Bucks!?!  For the Golden State Warriors?

In contrast, the games next week all have over a thousand tickets and start at 20-40 bucks.  What the Hell is going on?  Needless to say, I was going to pass on going to this game.  But it got me wondering.  Are the Warriors this year what the Clippers were two years ago? Is Friday night that much of a draw?

Back in 2010-11, I did the same thing for a game between the Celtics and the Los Angeles Clippers.  I wanted to see if I could get cheap tickets and take the boys.  Instead, I was faced with ridiculous prices to see Blake Griffin and the boys (the was before Chris Paul and Lob City came to town).  I passed on that game too.  Is Golden State reaching those same heights?

The Warriors are only 8 games over .500.  While they are in the playoff hunt, they are light years away from competing with the Clippers, the Spurs and the Thunder.  Their best player, Stephen Curry, while a great shooter, will not make you forget about the other stars in the NBA.  And the fact that he scored 54 points in a loss to the Knicks last night emphasizes this point.  The Warriors still have a ways to go.

To add to this, the Warriors' starting Center will likely be out of the game because he was suspended for fighting in the game a couple of nights ago against the Pacers.  And Richard Jefferson and Harrison Barnes don't make anyone forget about LeBron James and Dwyane Wade.  The team does not have any other recognizable stars that would draw fans to the game.  So what is it?

Maybe it is the draw of a team that comes to town once a year.  Maybe its the draw of a decent team that has a little bit of an edge to them that brings the fans out.  Maybe its the fact that a Bay Area team is finally doing well and thus is drawing transplants to Boston to this game.  I mean I'm looking to go to this game too. 

It certainly isn't the Celtics that are drawing us to the game.  This is close to a lost season, but we'll get to that some other time. 

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