Saturday, January 5, 2013

What Is It with Adrian Peterson and his 2,097 Yards?

What is it with Adrian Peterson?  Now we all know that Peterson is the starting running back for the Minnesota Vikings.  He tore up his knee at the end of last year and managed to comeback for the start of the season, we know.  And not only that, he ended the year leading the league in rushing yards and yards from scrimmage (2,314 yards from scrimmage?).  A guy running with one knee! 

Now he has become the boys' hero.  Even though the Vikings otherwise suck in Madden 2013, G withstands Christian Ponder's wayward throws so that he can be Adrian Peterson, if only for 60 minutes using a controller.  Similarly, C is now the proud owner of not only a Vikings hat, but also an Adrian Peterson No. 28 jersey.  Size Adult medium so he can wear it for a couple of years.

I rush for 500 Yards in Madden
What you may not know is that we don't live in St. Paul or Minnetonka.  We live just outside of Boston.  Instead of talking about Stevan Ridley, Gronk and Tom Brady, I am now hearing about how AP scored 7 touchdowns and gained 500 yards in a Madden 2013 game, and G knows the Viking Go pattern better than the Vikings receivers.  Seriously.

Now, thanks to a great game at the Metrodome last Sunday, the Vikings are heading to Green Bay to take on the Packers in the late Wild Card Game.  Even though Christian Ponder is not expected to play because someone hit his funny bone a little too hard (Jay Cutler is breathing a sigh of relief now that he is not the only QB to be too afraid to play in the playoffs), we are all excited to see what is going to happen with the Vikings and our favorite player.

BOSTON.  8pm.  Joe Webb's last start was over 2 years ago.  Can the Packers put 12 men in the box?  The first drive yields no passes until a weak pass over the middle to Kyle Rudolph.  Webb literally threw a short hop to Rudolph who was about 7 yards away at the time.  Yikes.

"Are the Vikings ever going to pass it?"  asks G who ran Peterson 54 times in our most recent Madden 2013 game and threw the ball 3 times.  Yes. But 33 yards on the first series is a good start for the NFL MVP.  At the end of the First Quarter, thanks to a successful challenge for a touchdown, the Packers lead 7-3.

The Second Quarter is not much better for the Vikings as they look really tentative.  I recall fondly the  days when Ponder was the Vikings' Quarterback.  The Vikings are losing at the half 17-3.  Both boys are getting a little bored by the game as Joe Webb is terrible and as a result, Peterson is getting stopped by the 11 man front.  G goes to bed and C states that he is going to bed in 10 minutes.  And now, they don't even want to DVR the game. 

Do you guys want to talk about Stevan Ridley yet?

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