Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Post-Ray Allen Celtics Don't Look So Hot

Who knew that Ray Allen was the glue that held the Ubuntu together?  Who knew that Ray Allen's faulty ankles would actually be akin to gold in our fair city?  Who knew that, without Ray Allen, there really isn't anyone on the Celtics who can actually shoot the basketball?  (Well actually I did.)  Who knew that we would miss Ray Allen so much.

And now the Celtics, one year older and one more year removed from their great NBA Championship in 2008, just look old and tired.  And in their first game, they have to play the reigning Champions, the Mimi Heat.  The same Miami Heat that brought Ray Allen in as a free agent over the off season. 

8pm.  I'm watching to make sure that the players get their butts in gear so that they can start the game within the 90 second rule instituted to stop LeBron James from his ridiculous chalk throw..

"Dad?" C asks me as he flipping through his Encyclopedia om Immaturity Book, "Do you like LeBron James?"

"No." I deadpan.

"Do you like Dwyane Wade?" he continues.

"Nope." I answer.

"What about Chris Bosh?"  I'm incredulous at this point.

"No!  Do you like Chris Bosh?" I counter.  When he gives me a look of disgust, I figure that he has seen the same pictures of Bosh crying like a schoolgirl that I have over the last 12 months.  Case closed.

The Celtics start well.  A couple of blocks on Brandon Bass leads to a transition 3 pointer by Shane Battier.  Perhaps some Heat fans can just spit on Lucky Leprechaun.  Interestingly enough, Courtney Lee is in the starting lineup.  I would have expected Jason Terry or Jeff Green in the starting lineup.  But after that, a couple of big buckets from Paul Pierce leads to a 10-5 Celtics lead.  A Courtney Lee Three pointer gives the Celtics a 17-14 lead.

At the 2:45 mark in the First Quarter, Ray Allen comes in.  He hits a 3 pointer right after KG gives him the cold shoulder (Ubuntu!) and then hits two free throws while the Heat crowd starts to chant "We love Ray, We Love Ray!"  Great.  Heat leads 31-25 after 1.

The Second Quarter starts with Jeff Green, Jason Terry, Jared Sullinger and Leandro Barbosa.  On paper, the Celtics seem to have a decent bench.  On paper.  Unfortunately, I doubt any of these guys are going to be playing at the end of the year.  And unbelievably, the Celtics are leading the Heat in fast break points midway through the 2nd Quarter, 10-4.  Notwithstanding the Celtics's play they continue to trail after at the half, 62-54.

As C goes to bed for the beginning of the Second Half, the Celtics roll out to a 7-0 start to cut the lead to 3 points.  And the Heat counter punch to push the lead back to 11 with 4 minutes left in the Quarter.  Rondo gets called for a technical foul screaming at a referee for failing to call a foul on Dwyane Wade.  Even Rashard Lewis gets in the action and Miami ends the 3rd Quarter on an 11-2 run.  Heat 93 Celtics 76.  Ugh.

Even Leandro Barbosa's hot hand and LeBron's "cramps" can't stop the Miami onslaught.  But wait! With 2 minutes left, the Celtics shave the lead down to 4.  Ultimately, teh Celtics can't close any further.   Rondo gets all feisty at the end and gets a Flagrant Foul called against him.  Celtics lose 120-107.

Welcome to post-Ray Allen Basketball.  Ubuntu!

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