Wednesday, May 30, 2012

2012 Celtics - LeBron James vs Greg Kite

All gloating aside, LeBron James is a detestable human being.  I didn't always think so.  I even defended James when he made the notorious decision.  Now that his Miami Heat are playing the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals, James has turned into one of the biggest heels in modern sports history.  Greg Kite. Listening to sports radio this afternoon, I even heard comparisons to Bill Laimbeer - Bill Laimbeer - when discussing James and his showboating after Game 1.  You have to be a real tool to be compared to that guy.  I mean he doesn't even bother coming out when he's introduced anymore.  And he rides a stationary bike before a game in a red velvet room.  I just have to shake my head.  Greg Kite.

Now that the depleted Celtics are making one last push for the 18th Championship, my distaste for LeBron has grown.  I just think he is a choke artist that will never be a winner.  Never.  Greg Kite.

So now we are in Game 2.  The Celtics were whipped by 14 points in Game 1 and everyone is vowing to play more physical.  Great.  The Celtics have a seven man rotation.  Who exactly is going to play physical and give up 6 fouls?  Greg Kite? I mean the Boston Banger - although he is 51 years old - could do just as well as the men currently playing defense on James.  What's going to happen tonight?  My message is not as subliminal as it seems.  The Celtics need to play physical like the 1980's Celtics if they are going to have any chance of winning this series.

LeBron James misses the wide open jam!!!  Yes!  That makes it all worthwhile, even if they lose tonight.  Well maybe.

Greg Stiemsma is in with 8 minutes left in the First Quarter.  I think we actually know who is going to be playing Greg Kite in this game...four fouls in 2 minutes.  Celtics take a 24-18 lead after the First Quarter.

Celtics take a 12 point lead as Rajon Rondo is on fire - especially on the free throw line. Greg Stiemsma is on the bench looking like he wants to knock some heads around.  Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett are looking spry.  Even Ray Allen is only limping around a little bit.  Even a clear path non-call can stop the Celtics in the Second Quarter.  All right, as the Heat make it a game at the end of the Second Quarter, I might be getting ahead of myself.  Celtics are winning 53-46 at Halftime.

As the Third Quarter starts, I have an impending sense of doom.  The Heat made a little run at the end of the Second Quarter, so we'll see what happens.  And as the Celtics lead diminishes to one with 3 minutes left in the Third Quarter, I guess I had reason to feel uneasy.  And as the Celtics go to the slow motion Pierce offense, the Heat take the lead.  Ugh. 81-75 Heat lead after the Third Quarter.

The Fourth Quarter becomes a back and forth game.  The Heat have the lead, then the Celtics have the lead.  It's nerve-racking in fact.  Rondo with the jumper to take a five point lead!  These guys are hanging in there!  But still back and forth.  I can't stand it!  Or maybe it's the Heat and their fair weather fans I can't stand.

But as Paul Pierce fouls out with 1 minute left, I am faced with the Celtics being down 2-0 in the Series as the game goes back to the Boston Garden.  Tie game at 99-99 after a Ray Allen Three!  And it's going to overtime!

Rondo gets fouled and the Heat take the lead as Dwyane Wade cheats his way to an easy basket.  Where's Tommy when you need him?  Oh well.  The Celtics lose 115-111 while Rajon Rondo goes for 42 points.  Maybe we'll be able to pull a couple of games out in Boston.  See you on Friday.

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