Thursday, January 12, 2012

When I Went to Sugarloaf, Maine

First it was pleading to go skiing two years ago.  Then it was off to Waterville Valley last year during February break.  This year we upped the ante.  A five hour drive, really?  Yes.  Up to the middle of Maine in January?  Yes.  Friends of our rented a condo right on one of the trails on West Mountain in Sugarloaf.  We had no chance against the kids' all out assault once they found out that their friends were going away skiing...

What follows is my seven year old's version of that vacation.  As usual, this is his story in his words (spelling errors included)

Carrabassett Valley, Maine.  Days 1-4.

"When I got to Maine with all of my freinds we climbed up the ladder to play.  We played Wii!  We played games.  I brought my stuff animals.  Then I went to bed.  The next morning we went skiing.  I did not like it because I did not ski with my freinds.  I took ski school but after ski school I went with my freinds.  We went on big hills.  I did not fall down (JMR:  totally untrue).  Then after I went skiing I took all of my stuff off and played with my iTouch and went upstairs.  They went upstairs, too.  I went on a beanbag.  I played with my iTouch.  I kept playing.  Then we played another game.  Then I went to bed.

Then we went skiing again.  I went with my freinds the hole day.  We had to because it was icing.  Then we went back to the condo.  I played with my iTouch on a beanbag.  Then I went to a new year's party and it wasn't very fun, then we went to see fireworks and I thought that was really cool because I thought they were going to spell out "Happy New Years."  Then when I went to bed I went in my Mom and Dad's condo.  I went to bed with all of my stuffed animals.  Then when I woke up at six to go in the car and go.  It was a really fun trip."

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