Sunday, December 26, 2010

C's 2010 Christmas Blog

This year was a lot different in the JMR household than last year.  Last year at Christmas, between Disney and the Nick Hotel, we tried to find Tiger Woods and attended a Celtics game in Orlando.  And as we're sitting watching the blizzard outside, cleaning up the house from flattened candy, ripped cardboard and wrapping paper, we're reminded of why a Florida Christmas was so enjoyable.  But for the kids, Christmas here this year was just as enjoyable as sun and fun last year.  Here is C's version of A Christmas Story.

At Christmas I got up at 2am to see the presents and I saw that I got an XBox 360 Kinnect.  Then i woke up my brother and we woke up mom and dad. Then we went to our stockings and dumped them out and me and my brother got gift cards for Dunkin Donuts and Burger King. Then we opened all of our presents under our Christmas treee and after a little while we went to our Grampy's house and opened more presents and saw our cousins. I felt really happy when I saw my cousins and all my family members.

I got a really cool football from Caity and Cassie, my cousins, and a basketball hoop and snowboard from my wicked awesome parents.  My favorite present of the whole entire day was the XBox 360 Kinnect.  You can control it with your body.

When we were riding home we played a little bit with our presents and my sister fell asleep.  And when we got home, I played with the XBOX and Wii.  The End.

[under duress:] To me, Christmas means giving and being with your family.  It means spending time with my family -- esepcially Grayden and Sumner and Mom and Dad.

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