Sunday, September 26, 2010

Who Can Beat JMR? - NFL Picks for Week 3

We're back.

After a so-so showing last year, including laying the points to the eventual Super Bowl loser Indianapolis Colts, JMR and crew are back for the 2010 NFL Season.  Because of the impending 2011 lockout, I figured it was best to get the kids as interested in football as early as possible so when football returns in 2013, they still remember what it was.

The first two weeks showcased a couple of intriguing teams - the sudden rejuvenated Chicago Bears, the frisky Houston Texans (what a game last week to take the victory from the Redskins), and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who's 2-0 start might be the most improbable record so far.  Our goal this year is to finish with a .600 winning percentage.  Today, I am joined by DLG, who took time out from Blue's Clues to help Dad, and G, who had to be pried away from his IPod long enough to spend 5 minutes with me picking a couple of games.


G:  New Orleans.  "They have a cool name and they won the Super Bowl last year." 

DLG:  New Orleans.  "Because I like their heads and their legs and their arms and their EARS and their..."  OK I get it.

JMR:  Atlanta.  Always dangerous taking a road underdog, but the Saints haven't really shown much this year.  The Super Bowl hangover is evident with these guys and they were fortunate to face a couple of lousy teams to start the year.


G:  New England.  "Because they have Tom Brady and Randy Moss." Agreed, and just don't have them drive your kids around town.

DLG:  Buffalo.  "I like their legs and arms and..."  I stopped listening as she started naming different body parts.

JMR:  Buffalo.  Lets face it.  The Patriots are a good team, but the big blowout days are long gone.  Couple its awful second half game plans with its porous defense and I see the Patriots giving up a garbage touchdown at the end of the game to win 38-28 or 38-31.


G:  Indianapolis.  "I want the Indians to win...oh wait that's the Cowboys.  Can I change my pick?"  Nope.

DLG:  Broncos.  Can you pick a different reason why and not just because you like their arms or legs or feet.  "OK, because i like their ELBOWS!"

JMR:  Colts.  Not surprising to see the Colts lay a smack down against a pretty good Giants team.  I don't think the Colts Week 1 loss was a Colts issue, I think the Texans are that good.

New York Jets
MIAMI (-2.5)

G:  Dolphins.  "Dolphins swim fast and so they'll catch up and score touchdowns."  At least he's consistent; that was the type of answer he gave me last year.

DLG:  Dolphins.  "Because they swim and I Swim."

JMR:  Miami.  I think the Dolphins will squeak this one out by between 3-7 points.  Incidentally, I think Darrelle Revis would have been the difference in this game.

My other picks include SF, Cincinnati, Baltimore, Detroit, New York Giants, Pittsburgh, Houston, Washington, San Diego, Oakland, Chicago.  The picks of the day include Houston and Pittsburgh.

Simply Football.  I'll see you later.   

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