Saturday, July 31, 2010

From Orlando, Florida - Cam's View

One thing I pride myself in is that my kids enjoy writing as much as we do.  I finally had my 8 year old complete his Summer Challenge - write about something that he cared about and put it on my report.  What follows is his story, in his words...

One day I went to Florida. I saw lots of cool rides and foods. I went on Space Mountain. Do you know that my friends dad lost his glasses and it almost hit the person behind him.  I went on the Pirates of the Carrabian ride it was pretty scary, dark, wet and fun. I also went on the Star Wars ride. It was bumpy and felt like we were in space.  My friends across the street just went to Florida yesterday.

I also went on a Indiana Jones ride.  The actress almost got hit by a real boulderr.  We were also at Splash Mauntain.  I was sitting next to my screaming Mom.  She always thought the little hills were the real big one.  Her face on the picture looked like a real mean, horrible, scary looking cat. 

We also went on a kid roller coaster and we screamed.  It felt like we were going to fall off.  We also went on a Magic Flying Carpet ride.  I got to control it and my Mom would scream.  She actuilly said don't go too high, Cam.  I said it desn't matter.  When the ride was over, My Mom said "Tyoot!"  I also went on a kid oppstakel course.  My Sister got stuck so somewone but not me had to carry her out.  I also did a basketball game.  I won a prize.  I also did a car racing ride.  My Brother did better than me, just barely.  I kept bumping and he didn't.  But at first I was doing great.

I also did Soarin'.  It felt like we were flying.  We shouldn't have gotten 3D glasses.  I also did It's a Small World.  I did not like it at all.  It is for babies.  So is Handy Manny.  I tasted a lot of good popcorn and lemonade.  I brought back a Pirates of the Carrabien fake gun. 

I also went to a Celtic basketball game.  The score was 62-74.  THe Celtics won.  It was the Boston Celtics vs. the Orlando Magic.  The only people wh went were me, Dad and Gray.  After we went to our Neena's house in Florida.  We wrapped presents for our Mom and Dad.

The next day was Christmas.  I was so exiceded.  First I woke up at 5am in the morning.  I saw that I got an Ipod Nano.  I listened to music in my bed when I got it.  It had 14 songs on it.  And now it has 35.  Then I went to my Neena's.  I got benderoos and a video camra.  At the SpongeBob hotel I got a bunch of cool things like an invisible ink.  First when you squirt it in your hand it's black but when you rub it in it's gone.  It doesn't smell very good either.  When we went home we still had presents at home.  I had a scooter and a helmet.  It took three hours to get to Florida and back.  It hurt my ears when we were coming up and done.

There you have it.  In his own words.     

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