Saturday, March 27, 2010

Who Can Beat JMann Review? March Madness Game Blog

After a crushing defeat at the hands of the Tennessee Volunteers, my dreams of winning my third straight NCAA pool went down in flames with Ohio State's choke job.  I thought that my victory was sealed once Kansas and Georgetown lost; the Midwest bracket was that bad - or so I thought.  Thanks Evan Turner and Club Trillion.  I can't wait to read about all of the end of game "he should have been called for the foul" comments on  St. Mary's was even worse. I thought they were playing the UConn Huskies women's team, they were so far behind in the first half against Baylor.  Reevaluating the 2010 NCAA Basketball Championships, two things are given - there is no way I'm rooting for the Kentucky "One and Dones" or - gulp - Duke.  

One of my sons was jubilant when my team lost.  When I told him that I wouldn't have enough money to take him to Dave & Busters because Ohio State lost, he wasn't appreciative of my point.  He was merely focused on Dad losing, not the consequences of Dad's loss to HIM.  My other son was much more sympathetic. 

"Dad, do you want to play basketball?  I promise not to dunk it on you!" He said apologetically.  Looking at the decrepit plastic hoop hanging on the dining room wall that doubled as his dunking machine, I decided that I needed to find another outlet for our basketball enthusiasm. 
4pm.  Home.  I would advise picking against me this time around.  A couple of these games I thought about just throwing both names in a hat and picking whomever came out.  Nonetheless, I'm pleased to report that we're all getting involved in the games this weekend.

(5) Butler (+4.5)
(2) Kansas State

G:  KSU.  "They are the best team."  My five year old triumphantly exclaims.  Similar to his Patriots' picks, the superlatives are thrown around more than a dead mouse in a tabby cat's mouth.
S:  Butler.  "Because they sound like a butt!"  As long as she doesn't start doing the shake a shake a boom dance.
C:  "Forget it.  I'm not doing this Dad unless I get a really good dinner."  Not coincidentally, the pizza and french fries will be here in 45 minutes.
JMR:  Kansas State.  The Tournament always seems to come down to who has the best player in a particular game.  Jacob Pullen is the best player left in the Elite 8 not named John Wall.  I see a strong performance from the Wildcats.  Post script - Gordon Hayward has the kind of Derek Jeter smirk that makes me wish I were the starting Center for the Wildcats.  At least we have some momentum here.

(1) Kentucky (-4.5)
(2) West Virginia

G:  Kentucky.  "Because that's who I'm rooting for."  He got even more excited when I told him that Rajon Rondo went to Kentucky.
S:  Butttucky.  No need to explain this one, so I didn't even bother asking her.
JMR:  West Virginia.  Even without Darryl Bryant, their starting point guard, and an injured De'Sean Butler, West Virginia gutted out an ugly win over the upstart Washington Huskies.  I think they needed a game to grow accustomed to a new primary point guard.  Frankly, West Virginia just has too many weapons who are not of questionable character (I'm talking about you, DeMarcus Cousins and Danny Orton).

(6) Tennessee (-2)
(5) Michigan State

C:  Tennessee.  "Because they beat your team, Dad.  Ha ha ha."  Thanks for rubbing it in.  I didn't tell him that I used his allowance to pay for his pizza tonight.  Ha ha ha ha HA!
G:  Tennessee.  "They beat your team Dad with that 3 pointer at the end.  I'm sorry."  Actually, not that it's burned into my memory, but it was Evan Turner who had his last second 3 point blocked by J.P. Prince.
JMR.  Michigan State.  I think the Ohio State game took too much out of this over-achieving team.

(1) Duke (-4.5)
(3) Baylor

G:  Duke.  "They are the best team!"

"No they're not" my seven year old responds. "The Cavaliers are the best team."

"No!  The Celtics are the best team!!" comes the retort.  I'm not sure whether to be proud that they know some of the subtleties of the NBA power structure or disappointed that they don't know the difference between College Basketball and the NBA.

MM:  Baylor.  A wild card pick from literally out of nowhere.  I almost asked her if she knows in what state Baylor University is located (Texas).  
JMR:  Duke.  You know how I feel about Duke.  A bunch of role players coached by the Devil.  Admit it.  Kyle Singler, Jon Scheyer and Nolan Smith will be a bunch of NBA stiffs.  Yet the deal they made with the Devil will allow them to experience the Final Four, and perhaps even win the National Championship.  Coach K might as well dress in all black, complain that he can't kill Jacob himself and start calling himself John.

My Final Four has now changed.  Obviously.  Kansas State ovecomes Michigan State.  West Virginia beats Duke.  West Virginia beats up on Kansas State to win this very strange NCAA Pool.

One consolation no matter what happens is that Opening Day is next weekend.

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